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New Things

Postby ScoXander » 96 months ago

96 months ago
I've been a long time fan of SunAge even though I only bought it recently. Played it years ago when it first came out at a friends house, but that doesn't matter.

The thing is that despite all of the improvements there is still one thing that bugs me in most RTS games, and that is the inability to repair flying units. If there is one, I haven't found it.
Now the Feds have the Mirage which is an anti air unit, second mode however seems to be lacking this function.... x)
The Sentinels although it is very strategic that they use these repair pads to heal. It does however not work so well with flying units... Maybe they could be repaired by the skyfort?
It's only a minor annoyance, I find it difficult to swallow that any culture however advanced build something they can't possibly fix. It's a common trait in RTS games, most an oversight.

And then there's something else, I played the campaign and without a doubt it's the best RTS base-building campaign I ever played. Certainly that Sentinel mission 'Assimilation' was just completely out there. Which means that this game really focuses on the story, whereas the AI unfortunately fails in skirmish mode.
It seems to be driven by only coming at you in consecutive waves until it runs out of resources and does nothing.
Some of its units also run away at the first sign of movement...

I know it's an old game, I know it took a long time to make. I know that most of the Developer's time is probably best spent on other things. But creating a new game mode might be the way to keep fans interested and still playing this game years to come.

A survival mode, you play like a hundred waves increasing in difficulty. If the AI is scripted like in the campaign it might be better than it is in skirmish. With the options of choosing a map, side and opponent. You can harvest, build and research everything you need.

But it's only a suggestion, if only and finally the repairing of flying units is added to the game I'd be trilled.
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