Gatherer pathfinding and Audiofiles and more

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Gatherer pathfinding and Audiofiles and more

Postby Muselman » 103 months ago

103 months ago
Hi Roman,

at first I want to congratulate you for that awesome game you made, I really love the graphics, mechanics and storyline!!!
You can really feel the love that´s put into the game.

To make such an awesome game even better, I´ve got some proposals:

- Scuttlers and Mules stop as soon as another of their relatives unloads their resource at the Mulestation/ Input Module. That makes the gethering process extremely slow and open for raiding parties. Could you change it, that they at least drive to the drop-off point and wait there for an open unloading spot?
- The question-mark for keyboard shortcuts is awesome! Please add things like the double-right click to it. I just found that order as i replayed the tutorial and it´s nowhere else to be found.
- The Harbinger has no second funktion... I mean, it´s such a cool designed unit... maybe like a mobile medical station, that is unmovable while healing? Or change it to a 1 tank transporter.
- Modding: it´s fun to swap the unit sounds and easy to comprehend which are which, but the sentinels use system-sounds which is kinda sad, cause you can just insert about two or three different sounds per unit. As long as they are just grunting, it´s ok, but I want to insert speech.

Apropos modding: I have replaced the unit sound with the sounds of WH40k. Maybe you can offer a spot for uploading, so that I can make it available for others.

So, that´s everything I can remember by now.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

... oh and before I forget: A second campaign as DLC would be awesome too ;-)
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