Additional Servers / Users Servers

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Additional Servers / Users Servers

Postby Gorehead » 95 months ago

95 months ago

I've been wanting to get play Sunage more and more but the fact that I cannot play online because the master service is down (most, if not every time I check). If you are having issues with the master server or if the server is required to be restarted often please allow other people to host a server.


when you enter skirmish you get options:

- Master Server
- User Server

and allow the game to resolve a host name much like team speak servers e.g. Teamspeak.Gamesomething.Net this will allow people to continue playing the game and allowing the community to grow even if you run into any Issues of your own etc... This will also lower the burden / cost of running a server.
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Re: Additional Servers / Users Servers

Postby v4corg » 94 months ago

94 months ago
Hey gorehead,

Nice to see you here as well :)

It's really a bit of a hell with that master-server since i'm really having a hard time pinning down what the cause of the crash is, since its always crashing deep in some system calls.
I wanted to avoid this - but i'm now going to implement an dirty-hack - overall - crash - handler, which basically just restarts the master. I'm pretty sure it's some illegal messages being sent to the server which make it crash. Anyway, i finally activated dr.watson on the server, so i hopefully should get a meaningful dump with the next crash.

This should help fixing the crash.

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