[Fixed] Crash when using the Icarus or Nuke

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[Fixed] Crash when using the Icarus or Nuke

Postby unblessedcoffee » 77 months ago

77 months ago
Hi guys,
I'm currently playing through the campaign for the federals, but can't get past the last mission, Nuke, as the game crashes whenever the Icarus bomber fires or the nuke is launched.

The Icarus can move around and receive orders to attack, but once over the target the game stops working and Windows shows the error that the game has stopped. I simply avoided using the bomber and went in on the ground, but now nukes are required for the final part of that mission, and the same thing happens with the nuke. Once the artillery finishes its targeting, and the missile icon changes, the game crashes again in the same fashion.

Fantastic game by the way except for that, any ideas? I'm on a windows 8 laptop, bought the game on steam, and am running version 477637. I think. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Re: Crash when using the Icarus or Nuke

Postby v4corg » 77 months ago

77 months ago
Hey there,

This has been fixed in a recent update. Thanx for reporting.
Thanks the thumbs up :)))

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