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win10 pro

PostPosted: 61 months ago
by gamcm
game start screen comes up, got music. However nothing else that is selected by the cursor works. The version I have is V1154B.win10. I have win10 pro, this was not a upgrade version.

Re: win10 pro

PostPosted: 60 months ago
by Muselman
Have you tried Alt-Tab? Maybe the Window is not active.

Re: win10 pro

PostPosted: 59 months ago
by Strahlemann
Having the same Problem - every time I start the game the Mouse clicks (RMC and LMC) are not recognized.

Getting it to work after starting the App and playing with Alt+Tab - at some point it works.
Keep all other Windows closed and use Alt+Tab.
If you have other Windows open and switch between them you run into an other Bug where Audio is lost after switching Focus to an other APP :-)

The Problem shows up on my Surface Pro 3 as well my Laptop (both with Win 10).

Re: win10 pro

PostPosted: 57 months ago
by v4corg
Hey guys,

This is fixed with the current update - Microsoft changed something in their APi, so the .... nah - i'm not boring you with details - its fixed now.