Problems with Dome Breach (steam version 1.14.0a)

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Problems with Dome Breach (steam version 1.14.0a)

Postby Quiksilvr101 » 112 months ago

112 months ago
Hey guys, I just purchased the game today, 12/17/14, and so far I'm really enjoying it, the concept is pretty cool, the graphics are great, and the races are fun.
However, this level is unbeatable and I'm not really sure why. I got to the end of the level Dome Breach where you have to hold off the sentinels and keep them off the research stations until the research is done. Halfway done, and the percentage jumps to -500%, causing me to flip and wonder if one of the research stations went offline. The research stations all had fully functional transmitters next to them, and nothing was wrong. I noticed that it said that part of my base was under attack, even after I had cleared off every single enemy from the map besides the sentinels coming through the gate.
I didn't feel like fighting my way through the mission again, so I just built armies to amuse myself while I waited for the percentage to finally get to 100%. It stopped at 75% and the sentinels have stopped coming through the gate. I scoured the map for enemies but there are none left, and 2 transmitters still say they are under attack. This is really quite frustrating and I'm not sure what can be done about it.

[edit] I just restarted and beat the level okay in one shot. It seems that problems occur with save games, they appear to mess up the scripting in places.
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