problems with router and multiplayer

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problems with router and multiplayer

Postby applegod » 97 months ago

97 months ago
In multiplayer menu I've got 3 messages that my router configuration is not valid, so I should ask about it in forum. I am asking.
And one more question: Is there always such lack of players? Or may be it's related with problem above or with the region, where am i? Or may be there is some exact time, when more players are online?
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Re: problems with router and multiplayer

Postby v4corg » 97 months ago

97 months ago
Hi there,

Actually the router configuration problem is not really relevant anymore, but its still displayed.

Yes, currently there aren't many online players, since the main distribution platforms are windows 8 store and mac app store. Both not platforms for real gamers that are really too much
into hardcore gaming.
BUT as I'm working now on the release on Steam this is probably changing within the next

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