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crash on Paradise Found [Resolved]

PostPosted: 79 months ago
by dazza

hoping someone can help me, I've been playing sun age and love it! However, when I try to load Paradise Found on the human campaign the game loads the mission (as indicated by the blue progress bar in the bottom left corner) and then proceeds to a blank screen, then nothing. I can see a bar across the top of the screen and the version number in the top right corner. It looks like the story cut scene should kick in but it doesn't. After a while the game closes and Im sent back to the my start screen. Is there anyway to fix this? I really like the game but I don't want to start everything again especially if I have no guarantee this wont happen again.

Running the game on a surface pro 3, i5 and windows 8.1 pro. Everything is up to date so I don't think the device is at fault.

any help would be truly appreciated


Re: crash on Paradise Found

PostPosted: 79 months ago
by v4corg
Hi Dazza,

This is fixed and should hopefully be release today from microsoft.
We had some certification crap issues accompanied by some really dumb ms-testers which delayed this big time. Sorry for that.

You should be able to update today. (if not even already right now).