SunAge crashes Or script hangs - please help us improving...

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SunAge crashes Or script hangs - please help us improving...

Postby v4corg » 69 months ago

69 months ago
Hi guys,

Sometimes we get people stating that sunage crashes or they can't pass a certain map
because the script for this map seems to hang on a condition or whatever.
Most of the times I can't do anything about it without getting more information.

Please help me out there by sending crash-reports and savegames to roman at vertex4 dot com.

Script hangs: (the map is not progressing even after you completed the current objective)
Save that game and send that savegame file it to me.
Its located in savegames in SunAge's local data folder ( ).

SunAge crashes:
Send the crash-report to me. And if you do have a savegame where you can easily reproduce the crash,
send that one also and describe how to reproduce it.

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