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Level Spawn

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by Filipeg
Hello, can someone help me with passing the level spawn, I've killed all the troops and freed the prisioners, also the robots clones. I'm stuck in reaching the two other messengers on either side of the map, I cannot get across there are no bridges or any access to both sides of the map. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I would love to go to campaign 3 ( Sentinel) Thanks, Cheers

Re: Level Spawn

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by Filipeg
Hello, Anyone can help me? I do I pass level Spawn? Please Thanks

Spawn Level

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by Filipeg
Hello, I've tried to pass the level Spawn, I cannot do it because the map is broken, there is no way to go either side of the map to finish the level.
I appreciate some reply from your support thanks

Re: Spawn Level

PostPosted: 53 months ago
by v4corg
Hi filipeg,

Sorry for not coming back to you earlier.
Please send me a savegame of the problem you described, i can then look into it,
here's how:



Re: Spawn Level

PostPosted: 38 months ago
by hayato

I am having the same problem, and cannot move further...
Could you please kindly help??

Thank you.