Windows 10 main menu of game can't access

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Windows 10 main menu of game can't access

Postby harvir » 100 months ago

100 months ago
Hi guys,
downloaded the game for a windows 10 system from the microsoft app store.
the game was installed, and opens to the main menu, but when I click on any of the menu bars (campaign, skirmish etc..) it does not open the next menu. Once in a while I have to quit and open the program again, and then I can click on campaign menu and start a game, but then all the sound goes away.

Are there any updates or patches for these problems?
Also in the main menu, is there an exit game option without having to press the windows key to return to windows and manually shutting the game down??

Just bought the game and was looking forward to playing it. Could it be related to my computer system specs? I have an integrated HD graphics card, and not a dedicated GPU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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