Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.

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Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.

Postby CaptainObvious » 34 months ago

34 months ago
I recently downloaded this game from the Mac App store. So did my sister. This evening, in fact.

Neither of us can figure out how to play a Skirmish against each other. Is there a FAQ somewhere with a tutorial?
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Re: Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.

Postby v4corg » 34 months ago

34 months ago
Hey Captain,

In the skirmish menu -> one of you has to host a game, which the other joins You probably have to refresh or try to select "LAN" instead of "Internet" as source. This Mac App Store version you have *could* have some problems finding the other game (esp. when LAN is selected) depending on who of you started the game first. If so just try to let the other player host the game.

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Re: Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.

Postby Tyler_Durton80 » 9 months ago

9 months ago
This still seems to be a problem een with my WIN10 PRO nno firewall at all just straight CONNECTION TO isp
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Re: Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.

Postby Dustyrom » 7 months ago

7 months ago
Anyone here still having this issue?
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