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A few questions before buying..

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by strider
Hello there!

I'm quite interested in SunAge for a few reasons (classic RTS gameplay, LAN, low requirements) but I am curious about a few points and information about this game seems hard to come by.

So maybe you could help me out with a few answers.

* First and foremost, all reviews (like shown on metacritic) don't give a very favourable view of SunAge. The player reviews (metacritic / steam) on the other hand seem to totally disagree. What happened there?

* To make this even more confusing, there's the "old" and "remastered" version. Where can I see what has been fixed in the remastered version?

* Is multiplayer fully functional now? Can I play matches with bots and (LAN/online) players in teams?

* Are walls part of the game (to play defensively and create bottlenecks)?

* Is there a demo? I read of one, but don't think the current version has one.

* When will it be on If I buy it from you directly now, can I get a GOG Link, too?

* DRM free sounds great! Is there any activation/serial being used or anything I should know? (Fine by me, I just want to know beforehand)

Maybe this seems a bit much, but as I said detailed information about this game is seemingly somewhat rare. Sorry if I asked something obvious stated somewhere on the official webpage.

Thanks for any answers!

p.s. The SunAge banner in this forum takes up 1/3 of the browser space at 1600x900. I recommend making it much thinner than it currently is :)

Re: A few questions before buying..

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by strider
Happy new year!

I know it might be a bad time, but I am really eager to get some answers... pretty please :)

Re: A few questions before buying..

PostPosted: 54 months ago
by strider
Well, so I got too impatient and bought it. Nevertheless some questions are still standing.

If I may, I'd like to comment to not-too-great things I found out now.

* The purchase features a serial which is validated online. While I am ok with that, it's not DRM free (to everyone reading this: it's really not, nothing to discuss) as stated
* I would've liked to download the Windows and Mac version. Maybe I'll play this on a mac later, or switch PCs which I often do. As the purchase process works though, you only get to download one version.

Re: A few questions before buying..

PostPosted: 53 months ago
by TheRobWatling
Did you buy it through steam?