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New here!

Postby Olileri » 75 months ago

75 months ago
Hey everyone!

I recently saw this game on the appstore for mac, and I'm really interested in buying it! I would like to know if it's really worth it. I see that it has a really starcraft-like feeling to it, and it's great because i really enjoyed this game.

So here are my main questions:

- Is the solo campaing interesting? how long is it?
- Is the AI great? does it have enough settings so i can play against a really easy to really hard «computer player» ?
- And, last but not the least: Is the multiplayer mode still «alive»? Can I still find people to play against?

that's pretty much it, if you have anything to add feel free to convince me to buy this game !! :P
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Re: New here!

Postby Olileri » 74 months ago

74 months ago
Up ! :P
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Re: New here!

Postby v4corg » 74 months ago

74 months ago
Hi Ollieri,

welcome to the forums.

I wanted to let the others give time to answer your questions because getting the answers directly from the biased developer can be untruthworthy - but here we go.

- the campaign is indeed quite interesting with alot of variation in map-design and actually a real story behind it.
- a lot of effort went into the ai - so I find it quite great. Unfortunately there are currently no skirmish-ai-difficulty-settings, but the singleplayer campaign has a difficulty setting.
- as for the multiplayer - its currently growing because of the release of the macosx version - also there are a lot of releases planned in several stores over the course of the next months so more and more ppl should finally arrive. There are also thoughts about releasing a special multiplayer version in the near future. To be honest - right now - there's not really much going on multiplayerwise - you find ppl to fight against - yes, but its 5-10 ppl at best. But: as i said, its growing.

Hope that helps,
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Re: New here!

Postby terolo » 74 months ago

74 months ago
Hey, this game is totally worth giving a try, in my opinion, the most interesting thing it has now its the campaign, as said above it has variety and i enjoyed it a lot.

The multiplayer its so good if you find someone to play (you'll see them everyday playing), as for the skirmish(player vs pc), its good, it has a good variety of maps and the difficulty its sometimes so crazy and sometimes easy, when the possibility to select the difficulty comes, it would be much better for sure.

So i gave it a try and still enjoying this game.
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Re: New here!

Postby TheRobWatling » 74 months ago

74 months ago
This game is amazing, the campaign is fantastic and very enjoyable :D
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