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    I've been a long time fan of SunAge even though I only bought it recently. Played it years ago when it first came out at a friends house, but that doesn't matter. The thing is that despite all of the improvements there is still one thing that bugs me in most RTS games, and that is the inability to repair flying units. If there is one, I haven't found it. Now the Feds have the Mirage which is an anti air unit, second mode however seems to be lacking this function.... x) The Sentinels although it is very strategic that they use these repair pads to heal. It does however not work so well with flying units... Maybe they could be repaired by the skyfort? It's only a minor annoyance, I find it difficult to swallow that any culture however advanced build something they can't possibly fix. It's a common trait in RTS games, most an oversight. And then there's something else, I played the campaign and without a doubt it's the best RTS base-building campaign I ever played. Certainly that Sentinel mission 'Assimilation' was just completely out there. Which means that this game really focuses on the story, whereas the AI unfortunately fails in skirmish mode. It seems to be driven by only coming at you in consecutive waves until it runs out of resources and does nothing. Some of its units also run away at the first sign of movement... I know it's an old game, I know it took a long time to make. I know that most of the Developer's time is probably best spent on other things. But creating a new game mode might be the way to keep fans interested and still playing this game years to come. A survival mode, you play like a hundred waves increasing in difficulty. If the AI is scripted like in the campaign it might be better than it is in skirmish. With the options of choosing a map, side and opponent. You can harvest, build and research everything you need. But it's only a suggestion, if only and finally the repairing of flying units is added to the game I'd be trilled.
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    23 months ago
  • Gatherer pathfinding and Audiofiles and more
    Hi Roman, at first I want to congratulate you for that awesome game you made, I really love the graphics, mechanics and storyline!!! You can really feel the love that´s put into the game. To make such an awesome game even better, I´ve got some proposals: - Scuttlers and Mules stop as soon as another of their relatives unloads their resource at the Mulestation/ Input Module. That makes the gethering process extremely slow and open for raiding parties. Could you change it, that they at least drive to the drop-off point and wait there for an open unloading spot? - The question-mark for keyboard shortcuts is awesome! Please add things like the double-right click to it. I just found that order as i replayed the tutorial and it´s nowhere else to be found. - The Harbinger has no second funktion... I mean, it´s such a cool designed unit... maybe like a mobile medical station, that is unmovable while healing? Or change it to a 1 tank transporter. - Modding: it´s fun to swap the unit sounds and easy to comprehend which are which, but the sentinels use system-sounds which is kinda sad, cause you can just insert about two or three different sounds per unit. As long as they are just grunting, it´s ok, but I want to insert speech. Apropos modding: I have replaced the unit sound with the sounds of WH40k. Maybe you can offer a spot for uploading, so that I can make it available for others. So, that´s everything I can remember by now. Looking forward to hearing from you! ... oh and before I forget: A second campaign as DLC would be awesome too ;-)
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    30 months ago
  • Additional Servers / Users Servers
    Hello I've been wanting to get play Sunage more and more but the fact that I cannot play online because the master service is down (most, if not every time I check). If you are having issues with the master server or if the server is required to be restarted often please allow other people to host a server. e.g. when you enter skirmish you get options: - Master Server - User Server and allow the game to resolve a host name much like team speak servers e.g. Teamspeak.Gamesomething.Net this will allow people to continue playing the game and allowing the community to grow even if you run into any Issues of your own etc... This will also lower the burden / cost of running a server.
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    32 months ago
  • Units Stance
    I find this really awkward that the units just stand there even if they are attacked I mean seriously why don't they even bother to move in range to attack :/ seriously these little annoyances kill the game I mean seriously the game has good potential especially since it recieved greenlight too do add this as almost all RTS have it and people are used to this..add in stances like defensive, Offensive, Stand Ground...
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    41 months ago
  • When I build the Tome, Research Facility, or
    I forget the Raak version, anyways, when I build one of those buildings I would like to have so many options that I have to scroll down to look at them all. Little extra things. Maybe you could upgrade your resource carriers to carry more per trip. More alternate weapons maybe? It would be super cool if you could have alternative weapons for your turrets as well, like a mortar in place of a gun that could shoot over buildings of your own? It would also be cool if you could "dig in" your turrets, make them able to bury themselves if they are about to get destroyed. I think the coup de gra would be to have the masters as an unlock able race if you finished the game or something, maybe make them an upgrade to the sentinels? Just dreaming :~) Game is awesome as it is though, favorite by far... p.s~ I have noticed in the keyboard config that it says you can deconstruct a building by pressing delete, but I have never been able to get that to work.
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    42 months ago
  • Custom Map creator
    I know that Roman is doing something big for the next major update, but later on it would be great if we could make our own Levels with Units, Terrain and building. Because this will take a long time I propose that the ability to upload them for other players can be implemented and update or two after the single player version. Thanks, Adrian Alizadeh.
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    46 months ago
  • Gfx Suggestion
    hi fellas i have an idea how to make the game even more awesome ( not that its not ) but i want to make the units graphics and building even more real on death Like centurion scrap metal when destroyed also building i know this idea will take alot of work but am just saying that would make the game more real Thnks
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    46 months ago

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