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  • Locating SunAge's local data folder
    This is where SunAge stores the local data (savegames, profile data, etc.) [b:2mi7wvwg]MAC OS X[/b:2mi7wvwg] EITHER: ~/Library/Containers/com.vertex4.sunage/Data/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/ OR: ~/Library/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/ [b:2mi7wvwg]Windows 8 (bought in win8 store)[/b:2mi7wvwg] %APPDATA%\..\Local\Packages\CD01AB34.SunAge_ftt1e8tgj8vj0\LocalState\ [b:2mi7wvwg]Windows 7[/b:2mi7wvwg] %LOCALAPPDATA%\vertex4 entertainment\SunAge\
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    53 months ago
  • SunAge crashes Or script hangs - please help us improving...
    Hi guys, Sometimes we get people stating that sunage crashes or they can't pass a certain map because the script for this map seems to hang on a condition or whatever. Most of the times I can't do anything about it without getting more information. Please help me out there by sending crash-reports and savegames to [b:2nqxg8o2]roman at vertex4 dot com[/b:2nqxg8o2]. [b:2nqxg8o2][u:2nqxg8o2]Script hangs: (the map is not progressing even after you completed the current objective)[/b:2nqxg8o2][/u:2nqxg8o2] Save that game and send that savegame file it to me. Its located in [b:2nqxg8o2]savegames[/b:2nqxg8o2] in SunAge's local data folder ( [url:2nqxg8o2][/url:2nqxg8o2] ). [u:2nqxg8o2][b:2nqxg8o2]SunAge crashes:[/b:2nqxg8o2][/u:2nqxg8o2] Send the [b:2nqxg8o2]crash-report[/b:2nqxg8o2] to me. And if you do have a [b:2nqxg8o2]savegame[/b:2nqxg8o2] where you can easily reproduce the crash, send that one also and describe how to reproduce it. Cheers, Roman
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    53 months ago
  • Editing the .user file to enable all maps.
    Hi guys, due to popular demand: To enable all maps to start you need to edit your .user - file in a hex-editor. 1. locate the goto the Userdata - Directory [b:33a8yxtc]MAC OS X[/b:33a8yxtc] EITHER: /Users/<your user>/Library/Containers/com.vertex4.sunage/Data/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/UserData OR: /Users/<your user>/Library/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/UserData [b:33a8yxtc]Windows 8[/b:33a8yxtc] %APPDATA%\..\Local\Packages\CD01AB34.SunAge_ftt1e8tgj8vj0\LocalState\UserData [b:33a8yxtc]Windows 7[/b:33a8yxtc] %LOCALAPPDATA%\vertex4 entertainment\SunAge\ 2. edit the .user file with a hex editor 3. change the 4th last byte (it should be C8( =200=the blooding ) or something above ) to FF 4. save the file. Run SunAge - all maps will be available. Cheers, Roman
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    10 months ago
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  • Mouse that i got with my iMac isn't working
    Just purchased a new iMac and remembered how much fun starcraft was when i was younger. When I searched I found this Sunage game. Looks fun, but from the gate ran in to a snag. The game doesn't seem to recognize the difference between the left and right buttons on my mouse (apple product). It acts like I am just clicking the left one all the time. Any help appreciated.
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    49 months ago
  • This is my brand new topic
    Hello everyone !!! l;dkfalskd fakljdsh flakjdsh falkjsd hlasd
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    50 months ago
  • Multiplayer - Lan
    Hi I would like to ask if is it possible to play Sunage multiplayer via lan.
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    50 months ago
  • movement controls
    new to the game i might be thick but how do you control the movement of the forces by keyboard control thanks for any help
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    52 months ago
  • V
    i want to play multiplayer with other player but i have Win Xp my latest version is 11.00 but i see other shared game have 11.30 how can i get this version plz report Back Thanks :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:
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    52 months ago
  • Multiplayer problem
    Hi I and my friend would like to play multiplayer together but i can't see his game and neither can I see his... We can only connect on other friend to which game says he can't host it :D. ( We have the same version of the game 1.10.4) and even when we connect on him we lost connection after 10 minutes of playing please help.
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    52 months ago
  • Problem in "The Blooding" mission
    Hi! I just bought the game, but immediately found myself stuck right in the first mission of the Federal campaign, " The Blooding". After the liberators are protected, I'm supposed to kill all raak-zun enemies that sneaked in our base, but even after doing so, the objective still doesn't appear as cleared, so no more in-game progression is possible. Comparing the way things are in my case with a gameplay movie on youtube I discovered a difference: normally, the game objective for killing these raaks should appear after destroying those attacking the liberators, but in my game these two objectives appear one after another, at an interval of 3-4 seconds. Can u pls help? Thanks
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    53 months ago
  • SunAge touch control
    Hello everybody, I buy SunAge and I love ít but I have some problems with touch control of the game. For example when I click on Paprskomet (this name is in czech version) and I build something and then click somewhere else then unit is not deselected (sometimes yes). My questin is do you plane improve touch control in next versions? Sorry for my bad english :) Greetings from Czech Republic
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    56 months ago

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