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  • Locating SunAge's local data folder
    This is where SunAge stores the local data (savegames, profile data, etc.) [b:2mi7wvwg]MAC OS X[/b:2mi7wvwg] EITHER: ~/Library/Containers/com.vertex4.sunage/Data/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/ OR: ~/Library/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/ [b:2mi7wvwg]Windows 8 (bought in win8 store)[/b:2mi7wvwg] %APPDATA%\..\Local\Packages\CD01AB34.SunAge_ftt1e8tgj8vj0\LocalState\ [b:2mi7wvwg]Windows 7[/b:2mi7wvwg] %LOCALAPPDATA%\vertex4 entertainment\SunAge\
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    53 months ago
  • SunAge crashes Or script hangs - please help us improving...
    Hi guys, Sometimes we get people stating that sunage crashes or they can't pass a certain map because the script for this map seems to hang on a condition or whatever. Most of the times I can't do anything about it without getting more information. Please help me out there by sending crash-reports and savegames to [b:2nqxg8o2]roman at vertex4 dot com[/b:2nqxg8o2]. [b:2nqxg8o2][u:2nqxg8o2]Script hangs: (the map is not progressing even after you completed the current objective)[/b:2nqxg8o2][/u:2nqxg8o2] Save that game and send that savegame file it to me. Its located in [b:2nqxg8o2]savegames[/b:2nqxg8o2] in SunAge's local data folder ( [url:2nqxg8o2][/url:2nqxg8o2] ). [u:2nqxg8o2][b:2nqxg8o2]SunAge crashes:[/b:2nqxg8o2][/u:2nqxg8o2] Send the [b:2nqxg8o2]crash-report[/b:2nqxg8o2] to me. And if you do have a [b:2nqxg8o2]savegame[/b:2nqxg8o2] where you can easily reproduce the crash, send that one also and describe how to reproduce it. Cheers, Roman
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    53 months ago
  • Editing the .user file to enable all maps.
    Hi guys, due to popular demand: To enable all maps to start you need to edit your .user - file in a hex-editor. 1. locate the goto the Userdata - Directory [b:33a8yxtc]MAC OS X[/b:33a8yxtc] EITHER: /Users/<your user>/Library/Containers/com.vertex4.sunage/Data/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/UserData OR: /Users/<your user>/Library/Preferences/vertex4 entertainment/SunAge/UserData [b:33a8yxtc]Windows 8[/b:33a8yxtc] %APPDATA%\..\Local\Packages\CD01AB34.SunAge_ftt1e8tgj8vj0\LocalState\UserData [b:33a8yxtc]Windows 7[/b:33a8yxtc] %LOCALAPPDATA%\vertex4 entertainment\SunAge\ 2. edit the .user file with a hex editor 3. change the 4th last byte (it should be C8( =200=the blooding ) or something above ) to FF 4. save the file. Run SunAge - all maps will be available. Cheers, Roman
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    10 months ago
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  • new player
    mouse not working or keyboard iMac 10.13.3
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    6 months ago
  • Activating Multiplayer Skirmish.
    I recently downloaded this game from the Mac App store. So did my sister. This evening, in fact. Neither of us can figure out how to play a Skirmish against each other. Is there a FAQ somewhere with a tutorial?
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    19 months ago
  • Connecting to Master Server...
    Hey V4, I got a friend of mine and me a copy of SunAge on Steam a couple of weeks ago, and just today it started working (friends copy seems to be sentient). There is however a problem - Said Friend is new to RTS Games, and he doesn't know how to play SunAge at all. So I had planned to tutor him. Just one problem with that plan though - Every time I load up a Skirmish Game, the Skirmish Screen hovers at "Connecting to Master Server", and will simply not establish a connection. I've propped a book up and waited 20+ minutes to connect. I've tried changing the connection type from "Internet" to "Steam Friends" and "LAN" and got the exact same result. I've even verified the game cache's integrity to check to see if it's missing files. Nada. Nothing. Zippo. I'm assuming I have the latest version here as well (v1.14.1a), as Steam hasn't patched or updated the game to a more recent version.
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    21 months ago
  • Version mismatch between Mac and Windows version on Steam
    Hello, I recently purchased this game on Steam in order to play it with my brother. However when attempting to join a game online I get a "Version mismatch" error. I have the latest version that Steam installed on my mac at v1152. My brother is running it on Windows and has v1158. Can we get an update for the mac version? At the very least a version string bump in order to make them compatible?
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    27 months ago
  • SunAge on MacGameStore
    I'm really interested in your game and I'm planning on buying it on MacGameStore ( ... or-Elysium). Problem is however that they apparently don't hand out Steam keys. In other topics I see that you offer to send out Steamkeys after sending valid serial or license keys. Is this also possible with purchases on MacGameStore?
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    32 months ago
  • Windows 10 main menu of game can't access
    Hi guys, downloaded the game for a windows 10 system from the microsoft app store. the game was installed, and opens to the main menu, but when I click on any of the menu bars (campaign, skirmish etc..) it does not open the next menu. Once in a while I have to quit and open the program again, and then I can click on campaign menu and start a game, but then all the sound goes away. Are there any updates or patches for these problems? Also in the main menu, is there an exit game option without having to press the windows key to return to windows and manually shutting the game down?? Just bought the game and was looking forward to playing it. Could it be related to my computer system specs? I have an integrated HD graphics card, and not a dedicated GPU. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    33 months ago
  • Playing SunAge on Windows 10 Tablet
    Hey guys, I really want to buy this game to play it on my Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8.1) Acer Iconia W4-820 tablet. But I'm worried it won't play well on a touchscreen. Is the Windows Store version adapted to touchscreens?
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    34 months ago
  • Access key doesn't work
    Hello everyone. I havea problem by the installation of SunAge. My Windows 8.1 Laptop | 64bit system (Intel Core i5 GeForce 710M 6GB DDR3 memory) Has done the first instalation very well, but the access key cant be verify it. I'm connected the hole time (20 and more minutes) to the Internet, but nothing. Is it because I have bought the disc version? Please help me.
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    34 months ago
  • Game won't run (again :-()
    Hai, Unfortenately the game won't run. It starts up, but then the buttons, like campaign, don't respond any more please fix this? Many thanks Bart Burgers
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    34 months ago
  • Cannot get game to run
    1, 2
    Hi I have just bought the game and installed. When I try to run it, it opens the splash screen and then after a couple of seconds it closes it again. nothing more happens. I am running Windows 10 on an Asus Transformer. Thanks for any help.
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    35 months ago
  • Spawn Level
    Hello, can someone help me with passing the level spawn, I've killed all the troops and freed the prisioners, also the robots clones. I'm stuck in reaching the two other messengers on either side of the map, I cannot get across there are no bridges or any access to both sides of the map. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I would love to go to campaign 3 ( Sentinel) Thanks, Cheers Filipeg
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    38 months ago
  • Some Praise and a Question on Map Editing
    I found this game when I was looking for Isometric 2D games (it's my favorite graphic style) and I came across this beautiful game. The artistic skill you possess along with the intelligent and strategic gameplay design have manifested something truly stunning in the world of Real-Time Strategy. I've never had the pleasure of witnessing this level of dedication to the genre that I have chosen to make my home long ago when I grew up watching my dad play Age of Empires when I was a toddler. What you have created for the gaming world is truly a masterpiece and unrivaled in comparison to both the legendary classics, the AAA games, and the innovative and creative indie games. It actually hurts to say it because I grew up playing Age of Empires from age 4 all the way til now, as I am 21, Age of Empires is a game I've been playing aggressively for 17 years but this game, is probably going to steal its place in my heart at some point soon as I have found myself addicted to it and I haven't even gotten to play it yet. That being said, I'm so glad I get paid in a few days because I am going to play this game until the AI gets on its knees and begs for mercy, which from what I have seen, will be quite the challenge for me. The AI is the absolute most important part of every RTS game in my opinion as it is the manifestation of the game's will itself challenging the player, which in my eyes, is the most strategically beautiful thing to witness the game itself crush the player beneath its heel as if the player is the one being toyed with. I'm going to stop myself now before it's too late because I actually came here to ask a question. One of my favorite parts of RTS games is making my own maps and scenarios so I did some digging and found this, ... 820053496/? in the discussion above, you stated that you had a working editor, that it would just be difficult to use; would it be possible for me to get a copy of the map editor and if not, do you have an ETA for the editor's release? By the way, thank you in advance for a such an amazing game, I can't wait to play it in a few days on Steam :D
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    39 months ago
  • Problem connecting to multiplayer server
    I just bought SunAge as I've been looking for an RTS to play with some friends across the internet. However, when I select the "Skirmish" option, I get the message "Connection pending... Establishing connection to the Master Server...", but it doesn't go any further. On the advice of other posts I have read, I've tried disabling the firewall on my machine, which hasn't helped. I've also tried connecting by tethering through my cellphone, in case the issue was with my router, but that hasn't worked either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I mostly bought this game to play multiplayer, so I'd like to figure out how to get it working.
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    40 months ago
  • paradise found problem
    hi my name is Greg love everything about the game got to paradise found mission ate the very start it tells me to protect bmrs while the work on portals but they catch on fire and die as does my soldiers when I click on them with mouse then the screen turns completely green and cant see anything and it wont let me scroll to the right when I place mouse at edge of screen any help would be great I have not had any problems with previous maps im playing on a desktop computer with windows 8 thank you and pleased inform me when you release any more games
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    41 months ago
  • Redeeming Stardock code
    I bought this game way back when it was first released on Stardock. It seems to have disappeared from Stardock. Can I redeem my serial key somewhere else?
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    41 months ago
  • Lag? [Resolved]
    Hello, i have an issue with lag on this game that i have not previously noticed. When i play on any skirmish about 5 minutes in it just starts to lag. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it has shown no improvement...any ideas?
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    42 months ago
  • Sunage won't start - Windows Vista
    I bought Sunage a few days ago on steam. I didn't see that Sunage requires Windows 7. I have Windows Vista and the game won't start with the Message "Sunage doesnt work anymore. A problem prevented the proper execution of the program.". Is it possible to play Sunage with Windows Vista? Thank you for your help!
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    44 months ago
  • Assimilation firing up Golgotha souls
    After the golgotha's turn yellow the game freezes and kicks me out of the game and shows me a fault screen by my iMac 27 3.4GHz.Late 2013 Yosemite 10.10.1. There have been numerous faults for this level but do you have a fix for your version 1.13.0 bought in the Apple App store? Thanks in advance.
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    44 months ago
  • Building placement
    I have an issue. Not sure if its a bug or im an idiot. When I expand my based, it allows you to build buildings but wont power them, even when I have placed plenty of transmitters near. screws up my ability to get MOLEs running as I can build the building but it wont power up
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    44 months ago
  • Problems with Dome Breach (steam version 1.14.0a)
    Hey guys, I just purchased the game today, 12/17/14, and so far I'm really enjoying it, the concept is pretty cool, the graphics are great, and the races are fun. However, this level is unbeatable and I'm not really sure why. I got to the end of the level Dome Breach where you have to hold off the sentinels and keep them off the research stations until the research is done. Halfway done, and the percentage jumps to -500%, causing me to flip and wonder if one of the research stations went offline. The research stations all had fully functional transmitters next to them, and nothing was wrong. I noticed that it said that part of my base was under attack, even after I had cleared off every single enemy from the map besides the sentinels coming through the gate. I didn't feel like fighting my way through the mission again, so I just built armies to amuse myself while I waited for the percentage to finally get to 100%. It stopped at 75% and the sentinels have stopped coming through the gate. I scoured the map for enemies but there are none left, and 2 transmitters still say they are under attack. This is really quite frustrating and I'm not sure what can be done about it. [edit] I just restarted and beat the level okay in one shot. It seems that problems occur with save games, they appear to mess up the scripting in places.
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    45 months ago
  • Just purchased the game -> key is not accepted [Resolved]
    Hi Support, After watching several gameplay video's on Youtube I decided to purchase the game. However, after purchasing and installing it, I enter my key which was send to my email, but is is not working.. Key Invalid. After trying the usual substitutions, O for zero and vice versa, it still is not accepted. Please help! (BMT Micro Order Receipt (6367477)) Product ID: 86460000
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    47 months ago
  • problems with router and multiplayer
    hello. In multiplayer menu I've got 3 messages that my router configuration is not valid, so I should ask about it in forum. I am asking. And one more question: Is there always such lack of players? Or may be it's related with problem above or with the region, where am i? Or may be there is some exact time, when more players are online?
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    48 months ago
  • crash on Paradise Found [Resolved]
    Hi, hoping someone can help me, I've been playing sun age and love it! However, when I try to load Paradise Found on the human campaign the game loads the mission (as indicated by the blue progress bar in the bottom left corner) and then proceeds to a blank screen, then nothing. I can see a bar across the top of the screen and the version number in the top right corner. It looks like the story cut scene should kick in but it doesn't. After a while the game closes and Im sent back to the my start screen. Is there anyway to fix this? I really like the game but I don't want to start everything again especially if I have no guarantee this wont happen again. Running the game on a surface pro 3, i5 and windows 8.1 pro. Everything is up to date so I don't think the device is at fault. any help would be truly appreciated thanks, Dazza
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    48 months ago
  • SunAge turns into "show desktop" shortcut windows 8.1 metro
    1, 2
    Hi! I bought SunAge from widnows store on my Asus transformer t100ta. Game is great. I waitet for good RTS controlled by touchscreen. First time game worked perfectly. I played about half an hour. Next day (and propably after restart of my deviece) when I start a game all I can see is SunAge splash screen, then it shows me my desktop and SunAge icon is still on the working apps bar. When I click it it does it again. I didn't make any saves before so I decided to reinstall the game. And I had about 5 hours of great play time. Than I tried to close app permanently (you know... close it that when I run this again I have splash screen and not the main menu). I wantet to check if this problem was gone. I failed. I was not able to close this like that. After next restart of my deviece I have the same problem again. Now my SunAge turned into "show desktop" shortcut :/ Can you help me? Best regards, Bartek P.S. I don't have any problems with any other apps.
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    49 months ago
  • posted in the wrong spot, Mouse for iMac
    Doesn't seem to be working. when i start the campaign, and try to put Ethan into the Harbinger he just keeps saying," whats up" as if i am only clicking the left mouse button. Wondering if it has something to do with the apple mouse not actually having a LMB or RMB. I also noticed that when i try to scroll my mouse in any of the menu pages the scroll bar freaks out. Really excited about this game, looks like a lot of fun. Driving me nuts that i just payed for it and it isn't working for me. Lets figure this out so I can get into this game. THX
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    49 months ago

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