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  • Forum reboot...
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    Hi guys, For some reason the forum-database from back in 2005 sort of crashed - losing several tables completely. Anyway it was infested with bots - so i just restarted the whole thing. Cheers - have fun, Roman
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    65 months ago
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  • Questions about boxed version!
    Hi. I have the boxed version of the game from forever ago and i was wondering if this version can be added to my Steam account, i have the serial ect?? The Steam store page does not state support for WXP, am i correct in assuming that the Steam version will not run on an WXP machine?? Nice to see this game is getting some air time after all these years, it has some really great concepts.
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    60 months ago
  • So, whats new?
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    Hello, I can't wait to come back to sunage, so I want to know what is planned. Is the game getting a new version? More maps? is there any estimated date for anything that is planned? :D Best regards,
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    63 months ago
  • new update help
    hi corg by the way i like the new update awesome job what i wanted to ask you is that in the site i see Sunage:Battle for elysium is that a new game or just the normal sunage? because i have the game (normal) bought it about 5 years ago what am asking is is this new thing a just a site update or a whole new game if it isnt am happy to keep up with 11.30 V :geek: :geek:
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    65 months ago
  • New here!
    Hey everyone! I recently saw this game on the appstore for mac, and I'm really interested in buying it! I would like to know if it's really worth it. I see that it has a really starcraft-like feeling to it, and it's great because i really enjoyed this game. So here are my main questions: - Is the solo campaing interesting? how long is it? - Is the AI great? does it have enough settings so i can play against a really easy to really hard «computer player» ? - And, last but not the least: Is the multiplayer mode still «alive»? Can I still find people to play against? that's pretty much it, if you have anything to add feel free to convince me to buy this game !! :P
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    70 months ago

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